Monday 20 June 2005


Usually, unexpected emails from Nigerians are scams. I'm struggling to find the sales pitch in this one, from one Sunday Bisong:

Dear Belove,

Please link me to Mr Fred Brain Eno,

I loss contact with him for a long time now.

I'm Mr Sunday Bisong from Boki Local Government Area of Cross River State Nigeria.

[address and phone number]

N/B Both pals of Lawrance Banjo EX..Enugu Prison

pastor Bisong

Either this is a new kind of unbelievably subtle scam (I mean, they're telling you up front that they used to be in prison. Is that a double bluff, or what?), or Mr Bisong really is looking for his old friend Mr Eno, found this on my blog, and decided to contact me to see if I knew him, raising the alarming possibility that Mr Bisong used to share a Nigerian prison with a man named Fred Eno who had produced albums for Zvuki Mu, Edikanfo, Sikter, and U2. I can't work out which scenario is more far-fetched.

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