Thursday 29 December 2005

A new thing.

It's been one hell of a busy Christmas for me, what with, well, Christmas, for one thing, plus lots of guests, plus middle-of-the-night runs to hospital, plus stuff. And it's not over yet. But, anyway, Merry Christmas to you all, and I'm sorry I didn't get around to saying that earlier.

I cooked a Christmas dinner for twenty, which I think was pretty impressive. There were only nine people there to eat it, but hey.

Anyway, a while back, I mentioned that I'd found this fantastic comic strip called Achewood. Well, one of Achewood's characters, Ray Smuckles, now has a blog. And damn fine it is too:

MOM: I've left you seven messages, Raymond!

RAY: Aww, mom! We gon' talk about that or are we gonna talk?

MOM: I just don't see why you can't call your mother back.

RAY: I am callin' you back! Right now!

MOM: Why didn't you return my calls?

RAY: I am, right now!

MOM: I called you seven times!

RAY: And I'm returning those calls!

MOM: I don't see why you can't call your mother back.


MOM: I just wish you'd call me back, is all.

RAY: Well, maybe I'll call you sometime!

MOM: Raymond! Did you just sass me?


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