What's your name?

Joseph Kynaston Reeves. Kynaston Reeves is my surname: it's double-barrelled without being hyphenated, like Lloyd George and Bonham Carter. (That's a short Y, by the way: as in "tryst", not "ply".) People generally call me Jo.

Why Jo and not Joe? Isn't that a bit of a girl's name?

Don't ask me. Everyone else spells it that way, and I just decided to follow suit. Something about me seems to bring out the with-no-E spelling in people. True story. Not interesting, but true.

Why do you blog? And, furthermore, why don't you blog?

I took up blogging because my comments on other people's websites were getting so stupidly big that it seemed only polite to put them in my own place.

Then I completely slacked off because I had kids, got a much tougher job, and got knackered. Also, I find a lot of what I wanted to say is now already up there, said.

Where's that post about the thing?

Since the Brand Kerfuffle, I have taken a few of my old posts down. Not because they contain opinions I'm ashamed of, but because they contain personal details — mainly other people's — which I was happy enough to have on the Web in the old days but which I took down when reporters started rummaging around my back garden. Long-term readers may remember the series of posts about Vic's travails in hospital in 2006. I may edit them and put them back up at some point, as they were rather informative.

Did you accept Russell Brand's offer of lunch?

No. He claimed it was paella, but I'm pretty sure it would actually have been a great big can of worms.

What happened to the photos?

Blogger has been redesigned and rejigged a lot over the years, and some of the pictures that were on this blog have vanished. Sorry.

And the comments?

Old comments (from 2005 to 2014) got disappeared when Haloscan were destroyed by JS-Kit. Nowt I can do about that, I'm afraid.

Are you on Twitter?

Twitter is a monument to banality erected by hordes of squealing shitheads.

Yeah, and?

Fair point. No, I'm not on Twitter.

How's your food? Hot enough?

I suspect I will be asked this question till I die now.

You're really a squillionaire merchant banker in the pay of the Tories, aren't you?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.


That's not a question.