Thursday 23 November 2006


Mark has noticed this article warning us that opium smoking could be making a comeback. Can't say that's particularly interesting, myself. Some people do drugs. Like everyone else in the world, most of them like a bit of variety. This news is right up there with "Hot-dog sales overtake hamburgers." Big deal.

However, buried in the article, with no attention being drawn to it by its author, is the reason why drugs should be legalised. Forget the health arguments. This is it.

In Britain, the latest figures for the seizure of all opiate drugs, including other drugs as well as opium, was 30 kilos in 2003.

("The latest figures was"? Tsk. In The Times, as well. But anyway.)

Then, ten paragraphs further down:

The price of heroin has been falling and the only problem for the traffickers is transportation. [Andy Sellers, one of the senior officers in the Serious Organised Crime Agency] said 25 to 35 tonnes of heroin are reaching the United Kingdom each year

I put it to you, then, that transportation is almost no problem at all for the traffickers.

25 to 35 tonnes of heroin alone coming into the country. Of that, 30 mere kilos of heroin and all other opiates confiscated by the state. Our tax money at "work". In the case of The War On Drugs, that's lots and lots and lots of our tax money.

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