Monday 8 January 2007

Catching up.

What with one thing and another, I've not done all that much blogging of late. Here, in no particular order, are some observations that I should have made ages ago.

Newborn babies in films and on TV always look fake. I now know that that is in fact because they look realistic, because real newborn babies really do look like slightly plasticky animatronics.

Many years of typing and mouse use and bad posture have given me the occasional twinge of RSI. This is absolutely nothing compared to fatherhood. The wrist strain caused by supporting a bottle of milk with your forearm for long periods of time is seriously painful.

I am dead tall; looks like Daisy's going to be too. Her cousin Noah is three months older than her. She is already as tall as him.

Did anyone worry that the manner of Mussolini's death meant that Italy could never be civilised? Or is it only Arabs that we think of so condescendingly?

It is difficult to reconcile the two beliefs that Gordon Brown is brilliant at accounting and handling the economy and that he had no idea where the Labour Party's money was coming from.

The reporting on the Ipswich murders was a new low for the British news media.

Duck dripping on toast is very, very nice.

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