Thursday 25 January 2007

A great idea.

So, what have you got for us?



We think you'll like this.

See, we thought, what, when you get down to it, is the primary selling point of your product? What is its point, its ... ah ... raison d'etre?

Er, it's low in fat.

Low in fat! Exactly! Exactly. It's low ... in ... fat. Hence, "light". Your product is light. Not literally, of course.

It is the same weight as your competitors' products.

We weighed it.

No, but in the commonly accepted colloquial sense that eating your product will lead the eater to become lighter. Or not to become so heavy, at least.

It's not fattening, is what we're trying to say here.


And that gave us an idea.

So we'll have some person eating your product.

A good-looking person.

Well, obviously.

Or a photogenic animal.

I keep telling you, it's "anthropogenic".

A photogenic and anthropogenic animal.

A good looking person, I think would be better.

I like animals.

Right. Anyway, who or what is eating your product is not the point. As long as they're attractive. No, the point is that they're outside, on a sunny day, with plenty of nice big sky. Maybe they're in a park. Lots of green grass.

Green stuff — health. See?

And here's the thing.

You'll like this.

The product escapes from them! It floats away on the breeze, up, up into the sky.

Because it's light!


What do you think?

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