Tuesday 13 February 2007

An even better idea.

So, what have you come up with this time?

OK. You'll like this.

We were quite surprised you didn't want to go with plan A, to be honest.

But, hey, it wasn't the right image for you.

And we understand that.

Yes, we do.

And we had no idea it'd been done before.

None at all. So, anyway, this is good. You'll be impressed.

And it's totally original.

Oh yes. Like nothing else out there. We're thinking we go with some upbeat pop music. Energy, youth, funkiness, cool...

But nothing alienating.

No, it's got to have wide appeal. Kids and grandmas. And at the same time, it has to really say something about your product. So what we're thinking is...

This is so good. You'll love this.

We'll use I Believe In Miracles by Hot Chocolate — but with different lyrics!


What do you think?

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