Wednesday 1 August 2007

It never goes out of fashion.

In response to my post about Bruce Schneier's article about terrorism, one Wolfie has this to say:

I might be wrong but I'm guessing that Bruce Schneier is Jewish so it seems not entirely surprising that his understanding of terrorism is stunted or simplistic. He's been spoon-fed simplistic prejudice on terrorist motivation from the cradle.

It's true what people say: Jew-hatred really is more interesting than other types of racism. I mean, as we all know, Arabs and Muslims are demonised as evil killers by the Jew-controlled media and the Jew-controlled governments of the West, and all the Jews are in on it. But when a man with a suspicious-looking E-I in his surname says that he thinks that that demonisation is wrong, that just goes to show that he's just like all the other bloody Jews.

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