Monday 26 January 2009

Car hits roof.

The headline says it all: a car has hit a roof. With, it has to be said, quite a bit of style. Go see the photos.

Police say the car, a Skoda Octavia, flew some 30 meters (98 feet) before landing in the roof seven meters (23 feet) off the ground.

How the hell, you might well ask, does something like this happen? Well...

The man was apparently speeding, missed a turn, hit an embankment and took off.

Oh, he hit an embankment. Well, no mystery there, then. Explains everything.

You know how roadworkers in films just casually leave a pile of rubble and a couple of planks lying around in such a way that any car that happens to crash into it all will in fact not crash but will fly through the air instead? I'd always thought that was strictly Hollywood-only; that, if I ever drove into some roadworks in, say, Ballynahinch, my car would not fly through the air at all but would instead stop very suddenly and hurt me. Well, apparently not. Turns out there's at least one group of roadworkers, somewhere in Germany, who build roadside embankments in that special Hollywood way. I wonder how many crashes we'll see over the coming weeks as drivers rush to check whether any of the other local roads have this special quality?

Well, either that or it's some very clever viral marketing by Skoda.

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