Sunday 8 May 2005

If at first you don't succeed, learn when to change tack.

Well, I was right when I said that the Northern Irish result could be interesting. My MP, Sylvia Hermon, is now the only Ulster Unionist in Parliament. They used to be the biggest party in Northern Ireland, and now they're little more than a splinter group. David Trimble, their leader, has stepped down, as well he should in the light of such a massive defeat. They'd be stupid to elect anyone other than Hermon as their leader — Westminster's where the power is, and she's the only one there, as well as being the only one capable of winning an election — but I don't think they will, because, these days, they can be a bit stupid.

They were right to sign the Good Friday Agreement; they were right to agree to talk and negotiate and try to compromise with the IRA. It looked like there was a chance of genuine peace, and a chance like that should not be passed by. But, when it turned out that the IRA were taking the piss, the Ulster Unionists were too slow and weak to react appropriately. Now they've paid the price.

Change or die.

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