Monday 23 May 2005

On absent-mindedness.

Tim Worstall does this great thing called the Britblog Roundup, in which he links to a selection of good blog posts from the British Isles every week. It's linked to me several times now, which is terribly flattering (thank you very much, whoever nominated me), but I am stupid: I was so flushed with happiness about being linked to that it simply did not occur to me that maybe I should link back until Tim sent me this rather terse email:

Roundup is now up at :

Links back to it are appreciated.


Like I said, terse. I read it and immediately slapped my forehead, hard, probably. Oops.

It was a fame thing, I think: having been linked to, I assumed that everyone reading this blog had come here from Tim's, so didn't need to be told about its existence. It completely slipped my mind that, of course, I am four gazoolion times more famouser than Tim, and that he needs all the linkage he can get from important bloggers like me — hence his bitterness and resentment. I would like to apologise to Tim for my uncharacteristic — not to mention unrealistic — modesty, and for any distress it may have caused him.

This latest one links to me yet again; I have now done the decent charitable thing and linked back before this whole blog etiquette thing gets really embarassing. Go and read it and follow the links in it; they're all good.

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