Wednesday 24 August 2005

Civilisation reaches its peak.

Science fiction writers fail to predict so much. Not a single one saw the personal computer coming — read books from the Fifties and Sixties and those few that did correctly predict how powerful computers would become thought that the world would contain only one or two such machines, in the exclusive hands of super-rich corporations, housed in huge buildings and attended by hundreds of engineering staff. Even ten years ago, no-one on the planet could have told you that people were going to pay good money for ringtones.

We now have at our fingertips, cheap enough for most people in the developed world and a lot of those outside of it to access, the most amazing communications network ever conceived, a repository of more information than our ancestors ever thought possible, all available to all of us in mere seconds. Who would ever have predicted that such an astounding entity would be used for this? Who could have predicted that the following sentence would ever be written, let alone published? is the premier online repository for pictures of dogs in bee costumes.


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