Thursday 4 August 2005

It just creeps up on you.

A whole week since I last blogged, with no reasonable excuses like holidays. My. It's odd, I know, but I just haven't felt there's been anything worthwhile to talk about. Odd because there's been so much going on. I think I have news fatigue. Ach, if all else fails, there's always stupidity to deride.

For instance, The Guardian expect us to believe that some racists discriminate against Bangladeshis but not against Pakistanis, two groups between whom there is no ethnic difference. Them's some sophisticated racists.

Then here we have some people with absolutely no concept of humour. Some people have no sense of humour, which is fair enough. Others have a poor sense of humour, which is fair enough. But these people who don't even understand that humour exists, who insist that any joke they fail to understand or appreciate isn't really a joke and should therefore be condemned, are really tiresome.

I will alight but briefly on the world's important goings-on. Rob links to this geniusish analysis:

Prime Minister Tony Blair was hit by a missile thrown from a gallery in the House of Commons [on the 19th of May 2004].

Protestors hurled purple powder at the Premier striking him between the shoulder blades and clattering to the floor. Dads’ rights pressure group Fathers 4 Justice later claimed responsibility for the attack.

So what was that all about?

It was about laying the groundwork for a coup. Here's how.

Honestly, I don't know how Rob manages to read so much shite. Does he need a special protective helmet?

That's it for the stupidity round-up.

I discovered Achewood yesterday, and am already hooked. It is the best comic strip I've seen since Bloom County. And Bloom County was the best comic strip in all of forever.

And this might just be the world's oddest blog. It's very, very funny, I think. I'm sure lots of people, especially Vic, will disagree with that assessment. And I don't care.

That is all.

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