Thursday 23 February 2006

Good food.

Today is exactly five years since I started to go out with the seriously wonderful phenomenon that is my wife Vic (for the second time, that is: it's also thirteen years and eight days since I started to go out with her). So we took the day off work and went to Portaferry. After the last couple of weeks of sunshine, today, luckily, was freezing wind and drizzle, so we didn't do much in the way of sight-seeing or, indeed, getting out of our nice warm car. But what we did do, which made the trip very much worthwhile, was to go to The Narrows.

The setting's nice, looking out across Strangford Lough, and the food is superb. I had mussels in a cream-and-white-wine sauce, which really couldn't have been any better and came in a proper big portion. Vic had a very tasty cheeseburger, in a soda-bread bun. For desert, she had a Guinness and chocolate brownie with ice cream, which tasted like a chocolate brownie only even better, which is surprising, considering that I hate Guinness. And mine was a Baileys-and-raspberry creme brulee, which was as good as it sounds, by far the best creme brulee I've ever tasted, with a quite thoroughly brulee topping that took a serious stab to break through.

All that and a couple of soft drinks for less than thirty quid. Wonderful.

Not much to say about the food, other than that it tasted dead good. My career as a food writer does not exist.

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