Monday 13 February 2006

Republican spies.

This is odd.

One of the many places that link to this place is The Broom. Go to The Broom and you'll see the link to Squander Two on the right-hand side. (I promise this gets more interesting.) Carrie, The Broom's proprietress, has put in little descriptions of the blogs she links to, so, if you hover your mouse over the Squander Two link and don't have a crap browser, up pops a little box containing the words

Bald & Thin, likes pizza

As it happens, this is an accurate description of me. Though I'm not that bald. Balding would be fairer. A bit thin on top, certainly. But this is (ha) splitting hairs. Yes, I'm thin, I'm bald, and I like pizza. What I am not, however, is someone who blogs about being thin, being bald, or liking pizza.

Searching through my own archives ('cause I'm that sad and that bored), I see that, in a year and a half of blogging, I have mentioned my physique only once — and what I actually said was that I used to be skinny but had bulked up a bit. Just once have I mentioned that I have taken a bite of pizza. OK, so it's reasonable to assume that, if I didn't like it, I wouldn't have been eating it, but still: my pizza-eating is hardly endemic round here. There's not enough info in this blog to surmise that my liking pizza is a key part of my identity, is what I'm saying.

Crucially, I have never mentioned my baldness.

Carrie knows these things, but she does not know them through reading my blog. Am I being watched?

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