Wednesday 12 April 2006

Another comparison.

Squander Pilots, you may recall, went on tour last Autumn. And I've just found this review of our gig in Dunfermline:

We heard beforehand that this, despite appearances, won't be Squander Pilots' final gig — geographical differences rather than musical ones will limit their activities but they are up for gigging in future, which is good for anyone with an ear for a tune, as they are make effortless, punter-friendly electronic pop. Jo's massive 'box of tricks' drives the proceedings, a beat-driven eminently danceable mess of tunes which traditionally crosses triphop and electro. On CD they've been described as a bit 'coffee table' but live Donna's vocals are closer to Bjork than Dido, and when did you last hear flugelhorn on a chart single? There's a hint of Massive Attack and Portishead of course, but since the chap standing beside me remarks that they're a cross between Arab Strap and the Stranglers, maybe it's all in the ear of the beholder. What we do agree on is the quality of the tunes on offer. Haste ye back.

Arab Strap and the Stranglers? For a band that usually get compared to Massive Attack and Morcheeba and are regularly accused of trip-hop, this is strange new ground.

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