Tuesday 30 May 2006

Blogging about blogging.

Yeah, yeah: it's the worst thing ever. So I'll keep this brief. If you're not a blogger yourself, I guarantee to you that this is dead boring and you shouldn't waste your time reading it.

I'm updating the sidebar. It used to contain everyone who links to me. I'm updating it to include only blogs that I can actually be bothered reading. Call me callous if you will, but there you go. If you've been removed from it, that doesn't mean I think your blog's shite or even merely second-rate; just that I don't often read it. And I don't read many blogs, 'cause, frankly, I'm just not that interested and have a lot of other things to do, like gardening and cleaning up after dogs with upset stomachs.

If you link to me and are outraged by my breaking of the informal bloggers' code of mutual linkage, feel free to delete me from your sidebar — that's fair enough. But please don't get offended, 'cause, really, nothing offensive has occurred.

Er, that's all. Cheers.

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