Thursday 25 May 2006

Spam, spam, spam, spam.

Just got this email from one "Cleveland Casey":

Greetings Joseph!.!

I love that punctuation.

at first I should tell you about my appear ...

Yes, I'm dying to know about your appear.

... so I got E-mail from one DATING AGENCY but really that was VERY STRANGE for me because I closed all my accounts at DATING SITES, because I don't like people who are interested just in non SERIOUS RELATIONS, I have much FRIENDS from that sites but really I did not find someone special for me....
But I got your E-mail address and thought "MAYBE THAT IS MY DESTINY" to find someone special?

Let me just make sure I've got this straight. You closed your account with this dating agency, but they decided to set you up with me anyway, for free, because we're both so special and they didn't want to mess with destiny?

Yeah, actually, I can believe that.

Really there was written that you wish to know me.

Yes, there certainly was.

So I don't know where you did get MY E-MAIL ADDRESS but I hope that is NOT JUST MISTAKE.

Oo, a spam double bluff. That's right: it was me who got hold of your address. And you have no idea why you're hearing from me, a total stranger, out of the blue like this. Mmm.

I hope to hear from you soon....
If you decide to answer me I promise to SEND YOU big LETTER and MY BEST PHOTOS !!! I'd like to learn more about you. PLEASE, WRITE ME some lines about your personality, your hobbies, your way of life.
I'm really interested to know!

Why don't you just read my blog?

As for me, I'm an easy-going and open-hearted person. I take life as it comes and have optimistic views.

Clearly very optimistic.

It doesn't mean that nothing makes me sad, but I consider all the difficulties in my life to be useful for me.

I'm very communicative and like to spend time in a good company. I enjoy outdoors activities and sport. What about you? Do you go in for sports?

Does this count?

Hope to hear from you soon, please use to answer me ! I wit your letter with large impatience .

How large?

Please do it for me .


Katya, why do you use an email account under the name of Cleveland Casey? "Hi, I'm Katya, but you can call me Cleveland." Or possibly vice versa. Weird.

Yeah, like I, Mr Squander, can criticise.

I particularly like the last line.

Thu, 25 May 2006 21:24:42 -0100
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