Wednesday 19 July 2006

The wonder of bureaucracy.

I am about to become an uncle again. My sister-in-law is to have her second child tomorrow. Cool. The first one's great.

Anyway, she's having a caesarian for various perfectly sound health reasons. She has had an appointment for tomorrow for a caesarian for a few weeks now. Today, she called to check which ward she's to be on, and the hospital informed her that they have no record of her appointment. On further interrogation, they admitted that they have three caesarians booked for tomorrow, but they have no record of who the patients are. They reckon, since she's asking, that, yeah, she might well be one of them. Probably.

Surgeons at the Ulster Hospital are intending to perform three operations tomorrow, but they don't know who they're going to perform them on.

Envy of the world, etc.


After she arrived at the hospital, it only took them an hour-and-a-half to find her bed. Eejits.

Anyway, I now have a rather excellent little nephew called Noah.

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