Friday 4 May 2007

Hello there.

Yeah, I know: I've been blogging very little of late, for which I'd apologise if this blog were for you. It isn't, though; it's for me. So no apology, then, but an explanation.

Well, obviously, there's the whole having-a-six-month-old daughter thing, which is going swimmingly, by the way. Daisy's just weaned the last couple of weeks, and likes my cooking, as long as it's pureed. We've been watching lots of TV for very small children, and many of the parents reading this will know what I'm on about when I mention the "We are the sheep" song from Teletubbies. By the way, the BBC's new In The Night Garden makes Teletubbies look conservative, humdrum, and drab. It is completely bonkers and thoroughly excellent.

On top of that, though, I've been rather busy getting a new job, which I have now got, and which is class. My new employers do not require me to be at work till eleven if I don't feel like it, which suits me just fine. And I can get from my desk to the train platform in five minutes flat. And I no longer have to drive to work through bad traffic. And even if I do feel like driving to work now and then, I don't have to do it in the rush hour. And there's a list of perks as long as your arm. And the people are dead nice. And there's a great bagel place round the corner and Burger King is within reach. I'm happy as a pig in a really good job.

Apart from all that, I'm going through one of my periodic bored-of-the-news phases. I mean, is there really any point in blogging all this crap? Someone in a position of power has done something inefficient and/or counterproductive? Really? Well I never. Must tell the world.

And the weather's nice and I've been gardening. Life is good. But I'll try to get a bit of blogging done at some point. Promise.

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