Tuesday 15 May 2007

More refuse shenanigans.

So the bin-men didn't empty our bin yesterday. I hadn't broken any of their silly new bin-presentation rules, so they must have just missed it. I called them to get them to come back out and empty it, and spoke to a rude and unhelpful tosser who I later learnt was a supervisor, then, later, to a reasonable and helpful man who sorted the problem out, then, briefly, to a personality somewhere between the other two. I shan't bother you with all the sordid details of what really should not have been a saga; I just want to mention what the last man told me.

He said that the bin-men insisted that our bin had not been there when they came out the first time.

Quite apart from how bad an idea it is to accuse a customer of lying when you don't have to, I find it astounding that anyone in their right minds would believe such a bad lie in the first place, let alone pass it on to me. The bin-men go out in the morning and collect several thousand bins. Later that day, their supervisor tells them that the resident of 15 Acacia Road claims that his bin has not been emptied. They respond that they remember clearly that 15 Acacia Road's bin was not there. Of all those thousands of addresses, they can remember which bins were there and which were not. What kind of a twonk, at this point, believes them?

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