Wednesday 10 October 2007


I don't necessarily mind sales calls — I have been sold some decent stuff over the phone in my time, including my first Nokia — but I can't be bothered with time-wasting crap. If you've got a decent product at a good price, tell me about it, and stop with the childish trying to pretend you're my friend. I am not going to buy anything from you just because we had a chat about the weather.

Got this call today. From 01253 757069. On my mobile. I was at work. I started it the same way I start every sales call these days.

— Hello?

— Hi, I'm calling from a company called Reclaim 2 Gain, how are you today?

— Can I ask what it is you sell?

— Sorry?

— Can I ask what it is you sell?

[incredulously] Sell?

And she hung up.

Is that really such an impertinent question?

I have a rule of thumb, so obvious that it's never even occurred to me to spell it out before. Do not buy things from people who won't tell you what they're selling. It's just a bad idea.

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