Monday 8 October 2007

The meaning of words.

You know what annoys me? (If you read this blog even occasionally, you can probably give quite a long list in answer to that. But anyway.) It's the way the enemy class use the concept of cost when discussing tax cuts. It's not just those who oppose tax cuts; it's all of them. It's built into their way of thinking.

Like George Osborne, here:

Mr Osborne told the Conservative party conference in Blackpool that the £3.1bn cost of increasing the inheritance tax threshold and the £400m bill for scrapping stamp duty would be funded by imposing a £25,000-per-year charge for "non-domicile" taxpayers.

And David "Bloody" Cameron, here:

Every tax reduction we're speaking about this week, like the change in stamp duty, will be fully paid for by tax changes elsewhere.

And The Telegraph's Brenda Carlin, here:

The proposals ... would mean a tax reduction that would cost the Treasury £2.6 billion

Only last week, my next-door neighbours didn't give me a trillion pounds. Where the hell am I going to find that kind of money?

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