Saturday 19 January 2008

A good read.

There's this new blog, ProWomanProLife, which is rather brilliant. The site is written by a bunch of anti-abortion feminists who believe that abortion should be stopped without banning it. But what makes it so good is simply the quality of their writing. Like this, for instance:

Social and human capital are what enable individuals and groups to thrive. When communities can’t generate this capital for whatever reason, governments step in, and their solutions are usually ham-handed, expensive, and inefficient. Fiscal conservatism, small governments and shrinking budgets are only viable when most people are functional, stable, and autonomous, and there has yet to be a more effective way to develop such people than in a family.

And this:

Perhaps I am weird. But this endless victimizing really bothers me. So it’s tough for a woman to become president of the United States? I hope so! It ought to be tough for anybody.


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