Tuesday 22 January 2008


I was always puzzled over why the failed Tube bombers pled non guilty. They were willing to blow themselves to bloody smithereens but years in a British jail was a sacrifice too far? Can't say they're using the same reasoning as I would.

And now this one. John Hogan tried to kill himself in the act for which he's on trial, he's tried to kill himself numerous times since, but he's pleading not guilty so that he won't have to spend the rest of his life in a Greek jail. Just how bad are Greek jails?

I am reminded of Jerry Seinfeld's line about people who attempt suicide once but then don't try again. "Why not? It's not like your life's got any better. In fact, now it's even worse, because there's one more thing you suck at." John Hogan must really suck at this. Shame he couldn't have passed this inability on to his son.

It's hard to think of a more appropriate time to use the phrase "It's a fair cop" than when you're found lying in a bloody heap on the ground with your victims all of a second after you've arrived there, but Hogan wants the psychological upside of claiming contrition without the practical downside that comes from admitting guilt.

And as for his claim that he didn't plan to kill his children... I assume that he means he didn't plan it a long time in advance with flow charts and detailed diagrams, but, really, when he grabbed them and jumped off the fourth floor, what was his plan? To annoy them?

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