Tuesday 27 May 2008

The master of disguise.

It's great when they screw up.

Looks like Al Qaeda have a new tactic: find the stupidest people in the world, and recruit their friends.

Locals claimed that the 22-year-old changed his name to Mohammed Rasheed last year ....

He repeatedly watched video footage of the September 11 attacks and had a poster of the burning Twin Towers on his wall, friends claimed.

They said that he was “naive and easily lead” and had attempted to commit suicide several times.


Friend Alli Turner, 17, said Reilly would watch videos of the New York terrorist attacks and tried to kill himself several times.

He said: ... “He always used to say that he had been told you will get a better life when you die if you are a Muslim.

“He was on his computer all the time and he changed his wallpaper on his computer to a picture of the Twin Towers.

“He once said he goes to 'secret meetings’ when no-one is allowed if they are not a Muslim. ...”

That's certainly a tricky jigsaw. What kind of a man could ever put such pieces together?

Well, not this one.

“Everyone thought it was weird and something was going on but I didn’t think it was anything as serious as terrorism.”

No, could've been anything.

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