Friday 30 May 2008

Winning and losing.

So we lost Eurovision again, unsurprisingly. And, apparently, this is bad news for some reason.

The Great British Public's attitude towards the Eurovision Song Contest is a thing that baffles me. Firstly, we seem to be obsessed with winning the damn thing. Why? Why are we so determined to beat those colossi of popular music, Latvia, Hungary, and [cough] France, in this one pan-European pop music contest that happens on just one day every year, when we totally wipe the floor with them and every other country in the world bar one in that other international pop music contest, called "sales", every single day, and have done for the last fifty years? All these people that, on Eurovision night, vote for the Croation entry over the British one, when they're actually in a record shop deciding what to buy with their hard-earned cash, what music they'd actually like to own so that they can listen to it again and again and again, they don't buy Croation records. They buy British. We know this. They know this. So why on Earth do we give a damn about how they vote on the one night every year when their decision costs them, and means, nothing?

However, given that, for reasons that escape me, we do give a damn, why don't we try a bit harder? When we consistently produce some of the finest popular musicians in the world, and certainly the best in Europe, why, every year, do we dredge the country for the worst amateur pap on offer? Wouldn't it be nice, one year, to see the looks on the other contestants' faces when the hosts announce "And now, with the British entry, The Rolling Stones!"?

No, I didn't watch it.

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