Friday 28 January 2005

Please put my life in a database.

RavenBlack puts the case for greater intrusion into our lives. Not state intrusion, mind; just intrusion.

At the very least we should have automated shops so that stuff can be purchased at any time. We've had vending machines for 20 years, can't we have bigger vending machines, in long rows, thus offering more products? Or shops with RFID tags in the items, and lots of cameras, and, I don't know, barcodes on our necks, so there don't have to be any checkout people, we can just go into the shop, take what we want, scan ourselves at the checkout to pay, and go home. I wanted block-pad paper on Saturday night, damn it. I have it now, but I don't want to use it now, I wanted to use it then. What good are you, technology? Advance!

I'd shop there.

In the comments, on the subject of being more than a mere number, he adds:

Is being identified by number worse than not being identified at all? That's how it is in most shops now.

He has a point.

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