Tuesday 18 January 2005


It's been years since this last happened: it's snowing so badly that I can't get into work.

Well, that's not quite true, really. What's actually happened is that it's snowed a bit — it's up to half an inch deep in some parts of our "garden" (it will be a garden one day, when I've finished breaking my back over it, but for now it's a "garden") — and the sodding council haven't sent the grit trucks out, so a quantity of snow that, in this technological age, we ought to be able to say "Ha!" at has resulted in road conditions so bad that attempting to drive the car in a straight line at 15mph leads to skidding. Admittedly, it only started snowing yesterday evening, so the poor overpaid squabbling dears only had ten hours or so to respond, which probably isn't even enough time to finish negotiating the overtime. Meanwhile, I may lose a day of my precious annual leave for this.

I bet there's a moral in this somewhere.

Looks like it's turning to sleet. Oh joy. I'll go and try and drive through that, then, shall I? Grr.

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