Tuesday 22 February 2005

He doesn't even get time for a cup of tea.

Is Saint Nicholas the busiest saint? There's all that work on Christmas Eve, of course, but then there's also the workload that comes with being the patron saint of bloody everything:

against imprisonment, against robberies, against robbers, apothecaries, bakers, barrel makers, boatmen, boot blacks, boys, brewers, brides, captives, children, coopers, dock workers, druggists, fishermen, Greece, Greek Catholic Church in America, Greek Catholic Union, grooms, judges, lawsuits lost unjustly, longshoremen, Lorraine, maidens, mariners, merchants, murderers, newlyweds, old maids, parish clerks, paupers, pawnbrokers, perfumeries, perfumers, pharmacists, pilgrims, poor people, Portsmouth England, prisoners, Russia, sailors, scholars, schoolchildren, shoe shiners, Sicily, spinsters, students, thieves, travellers, unmarried girls, watermen

I seem to remember that he is also the patron saint of pirates, but they're not on the list. They're pretty much covered under thieves, mariners, and murderers, though, I'm sure.

Is there anyone in the world who doesn't, in some way or another, get Saint Nick's patronage? You might have thought that Russia alone would be a big enough project for one person. No rest for the dead.

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