Friday 18 February 2005

The master criminal at work.

Thanks to Mr Pootergeek for pointing us in the direction of Duncan Grisby's triumph over the forces of evil:

This man's name is Ben Park. He broke in to my flat in the South of Cambridge on Friday 4th February 2005. I had a video camera with motion detection software set up on my computer. It captured these images of him.

I find it interesting that Mr Park pulled the face in the second photo down without realising he was on camera. Does he like to practice his Robert De Niro impersonation while burgling, or is it that he always prepares for his crime sprees by chopping twenty onions? Note also, under the anorak, the bold horizontally striped top. Nice to see members of the burgling community keeping up the old traditions. Shame he forgot to wear his Lone Ranger mask.

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