Friday 25 February 2005

Sofa saga.

Finally sat on our new sofa last night. My mother-in-law bought it for us sometime last year — around September, I think. It's taken quite a while to get to the sitting-on-it stage.

You see, we were going to buy this house. It was a fairly nice house, and we could afford it, and the vendor had accepted our offer and it was all going ahead and everything, and then the sale collapsed a couple of days before it was all going to be finalised, for no good reason. Vic used to work for the vendor's lawyers, and we're pretty sure (though we cannot prove) that they deliberately scuppered the sale to piss her off. If not, then they were quite astonishingly unprofessional for no reason.

Thing is, this house had a huge living room, and we chose our sofa accordingly. And then the sale fell through.

Now, the sale falling through was not the end of the world. As it happened, we almost immediately found a far better house: twice the size with a much bigger garden, for less money. You can't argue with that. Trouble was, it had a small front room. So we've just spent a couple of grand on having a wall knocked down just so that we can fit our new sofa into the house.

Was it worth it? Well, it's pretty comfortable. And roomy.

Next, I plan to buy an Olympic swimming pool for the bathroom.

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