Friday 27 May 2005

There's always one.

How disappointing. The code has been solved by some woman called Diandra with a computer program.

What is it with some people? This whole thing was clearly set up to be a bit of fun, and, unsurprisingly, some smug git comes along and shits on it. Of course a computer can solve it: it wasn't advanced military-grade encryption and wasn't supposed to be. The whole point of it was that twenty different unrelated people had to track each other down. The point wasn't merely to break the code; it was the process of breaking the code. If Diandra was so desperate to find out what the result was, could she not have just solved it for herself and not posted it in public? Well, no, because she didn't want to find out the result; she wanted to show off. She says:

Some may think it's cheating, but why work hard when you can work smart!

Well, Diandra, here are some suggestions for other ways you could help people to work smart. When someone's watching a murder-mystery, you could look up the book it's based on and tell them who the murderer is before the end, saving them the hard work of deduction. When people are playing poker, you could position mirrors behind all the players' shoulders, saving them the hard work of guessing who's got the best hand. When someone's out hunting ducks with a gun, you could flood the lake with duck poison, saving them the hard work of stealth and aiming. I'm sure everyone will be terribly grateful to you for saving them all that hard work, you smug, self-satisfied, idiotic, tiresome bastard.

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