Friday 16 September 2005

Price cut sale bonanza type event.

In case any of you lovely people are interested, I thought I'd best let you know that Squander Pilots have just slashed the price of our records. It's now a mere One British Pound to buy our acclaimed album, Things Happen To Us, on MP3 — and that one pound will be knocked off the price of the proper CD version of the album should you then go on to buy that. The price of the CD is down to a mere £7, including delivery (plus an extra quid to deliver outside the UK). Bargain, bargain, bargain.

Our debut single, Given/Lunan, is down to £2.50. It was mastered by Chris Potter, who did the mastering on the first Sugababes album. No, really.

As ever, there's a handful of free MP3s to download here.

All of this could come in dead handy if you're planning to come see us on our upcoming tour of Scotland, and want to become fully familiar with the music first so that you can shout out requests and sing along.

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