Tuesday 24 January 2006


I wish someone had told me this sooner, but they didn't. But you know Q magazine, right? Well, apparently, two months ago, they were giving away a little book on the front cover: The Greatest Rock & Pop Miscellany Ever! I only discovered this on Saturday. The reason this is of particular interest to me is that I wrote about a quarter of it. So I'm sorry that I can't tell you all to rush out and buy Q and read stuff written by me, but I can tell those of you who bought it without my nagging and who haven't thrown the book away that, hey, that's me, that is. Some of it.

I wrote the bits about the Apple vs Apple legal wranglings, the bizarre rock star deaths, the Paul McCartney death clues, and the Fleetwood Mac doppelganger thing, amongst others. The rest of the book is by Gary, John, and Stuart.

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