Tuesday 28 February 2006

Good lunacy and bad lunacy.

Courtesy of Natalie the Wise comes this brilliant bit of nonsense:

I well recall that fateful Elders of Zion meeting. It was the early '60's, a time of heady triumph in the Movement - we had just assassinated Kennedy, were ramping up the war profiteering in Southeast Asia, and the Enslave N' Starve Africa(tm) plans were just being finalized. Money was pouring in from our ongoing home foreclosure and Muslim organ farming operations, and the masses were responding far more submissively to the water fluoridation mind-control project than expected, a scheme which admittedly I had thought was overly ambitious.

... on the subject of this brilliant bit of nonsense:

Watch Schindler's List. Every Jew was forced to wear a yellow star on his clothing. The Jews were degraded and termed "dirty mice." Tom and Jerry was made in order to change the Europeans' perception of mice. One of terms used was "dirty mice."

I'd like to tell you that... It should be noted that mice are very cunning...and dirty.

Iranian civilisation is doomed. One of their top mass media experts thinks that Tom & Jerry were created by Walt Disney. Of course, if you believe that all of Hollywood — and, indeed, every media organisation in the Western World — is all just one big unified conspiring cabal, distinctions between "competing" studios probably don't mean much.

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