Tuesday 14 February 2006

Rowr rowr rowr.

Courtesy of the ever-informative Inkycircus, here is the most photogenic news story ever:

Koza, a 10-week-old lion cub, and Cairo, a slightly younger but at the moment larger Italian mastiff, are being housed together for one or two hours at a time in Koza's room in the park's nursery.

Tuesday morning, when the two were allowed to mingle, the energetic puppy sniffed and then jumped all over the lion cub for about a minute, then spent the next hour far more interested in a stick he busily gnawed.

But yesterday, the two frolicked for more than 15 minutes, with Cairo nibbling on Koza's ears, which the cub seemed not terribly happy about.

Ear-nibbling is what dogs do, Koza. Get used to it.

You'll be pleased to hear that there are loads of photos.

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