Tuesday 28 February 2006

An idiotic git.

Thanks to David T for spotting this gem of an interview with George Galloway:

Halimi: Mr Galloway! Let us deal with the core of the issue immediately. What is your personal position and that of your party towards the events and the demonstrations which have been taking place in the Muslim world against the publication of cartoons depicting the prophet?
Galloway: Personally, I condemn these barbaric and evil acts. Today, the objective of the Western states is to control the oil of the Muslims whatever the price. In fact, the cartoons published in Denmark did not surprise me because the Western states have been waging fierce attacks against Islam for years. These began by humiliation, insults and then occupation. Today they reached the point of ridiculing the prophet. This incident is worse than the 11 September attacks in the US and the 7/7 incidents in London. Therefore, today it is the right of Muslims to express their anger and to defend their right and faith.

It's in an Algerian newspaper. For all his pride in not holding back and expressing his true opinions no matter what the opposition, something tells me that Galloway isn't going to be telling the British public any time soon that the publication of some cartoons is a worse attack than 9/11.


Lots more on this here.

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