Friday 9 June 2006

I have built some things.

The Eisenhowers are a rather good band — or, rather, a good solo musician with a plural name. Some of you may have heard of Gum, who are bloody excellent. Well, the songwriting bloke from Gum, Raymond Weir, is also The Eisenhowers. So there you go. Both The Eisenhowers and Gum are signed to Serali Records.

I mention all this because... well, partly because they deserve a mention, but also because I designed both the Serali and Eisenhowers sites, and am quite proud of my work. Just finished the latter a couple of days ago.

Yes, this post is nothing but showing off. So sue me.

I await the inevitable cavalcade of comments pointing out various obscure browsers on which the sites don't work. Tsk.

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