Wednesday 21 June 2006

The truth.

Mr Kitchen sums something up perfectly:

The Scots hate the English and so, presumably, do not wish to be part of the union. Fine, fuck them. Let's get these whinging bastards off our backs.


Don't get me wrong, I love Scotland and, generally, I like the Scots. What I dislike is that I, who had always called myself British, have had the identity "English" forced upon me by pusillanimous, parochial bigots who hear only an accent. So fuck them.

I used to oppose Scottish independence, on the grounds of what was best for Scotland. These days, I support it, on the grounds of what's best for the UK.

The huge chip that so many Scots carry on their shoulders towards England, that they are so inordinately proud of, and that they gleefully bring out on display when they realise they're in the presence of anyone English, did a lot to encourage that change.

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