Monday 12 June 2006

Professional appraisals.

Randy Cassingham has received a complaint from Samuel Saraiva, the erstwhile subject of one of his stories. Apparently, Mr Saraiva dislikes being called "some sort of idiot" just because he did something clearly idiotic (Mr Saraiva had to have the wrong tooth pulled by his dentist three times before it occurred to him to complain about her and discover that she wasn't really a dentist). Not only does he contend that he is not in fact any sort of idiot, but also he does not believe that Mr Cassingham is qualified to call him an idiot. Yes, that's "qualified" as in "qualified":

It is common sense that one needs to be professionally licensed in order to qualify an individual as an idiot and this is done through exams; not speculation so that you don t commit the same error as the dentist who worked un-licensed.

Yes, Mr Saraiva believes that one cannot call anyone an idiot unless one is a professional Recogniser of Idiots and has reviewed an examination paper submitted by the subject. He also believes that calling someone an idiot without going through such procedures is roughly equivalent to practising medicine without a license.

What an idiot.

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