Friday 4 August 2006

Being right.

What could be nicer that having someone turn up and say "I'm an expert, and you were right"?

You might remember that, because this post mentioned Randy Cassingham, a Mr David K started ranting at me in the comments about his own problems with Mr Cassingham. It was clear from David K's second comment that he wasn't to be indulged: out-of-place inverted commas, strange capitalisation, quoting a dictionary, and the underlying assumption that people who run websites must listen to me!!! — if you've been on the Web a while, these are alarm bells akin to a man walking down the street wearing inflatable armbands and playing the Emperor's theme from Star Wars on the kazoo.

It was very easy and a lot of fun to bait Mr K, his reactions being grade-A comedy gold, and I suggested at the time that that might be why Randy Cassingham had insulted him too. And lo and behold: the famous Mr Cassingham has turned up and confirmed that that was indeed the case. Yay! He also provides a bit of background, so that we can better understand the root causes of Mr K's Cassingham-hating obsession. But mainly he says that I was right.

Yes, that's right: the only purpose of this post is to crow about my being right and being told that I'm right. If you don't like egotism, why the hell are you reading blogs?

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