Monday 28 August 2006

A word, Mr Gates.

Time taken to install Windows XP from scratch: about fiteen minutes.

Time taken to upgrade from Windows XP Service Pack 1 to Windows XP Service Pack 2: three hours. There went my weekend.

And another thing. When upgrading my Microsoft operating system with a Microsoft service pack using Microsoft's software from Microsoft's website, I don't think it's an unreasonable expectation on my part that I not receive any little messages along the lines of "XP may not work now." Why the hell not? Some sort of software incompatibility problem?

And it was actually worse than that. I forget the precise wording, but what the upgrader actually told me was "After completing this procedure, XP may not work. Click here to continue." No other button. No "Click here not to continue." No "Click here to go back and undo the work of this fiendish 'upgrade' made by bastards and maybe, just maybe, not destroy your computer." Not even any "Sorry."

And another other thing. I upgraded by going to Windows Update and downloading and installing, it claimed, "all" updates for my PC. So why is it that, having installed all these updates, the first thing the newly upgraded XP tells me is that I need to download and install urgent updates?

And what do I get for my trouble? The wireless connection has a new icon. Woo.

I quite like XP most of the time. But I could really go off it. Starting yesterday.

God, I need a new Mac.

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