Friday 9 March 2007

Self, self, self.

I believe that one of the most important Christian teachings regards charity. Tell that to this selfish little git:

A Roman Catholic teenager has launched a £70,000 damages action against a council for sending her to live with Protestant foster parents.

The 18-year-old claims she was denied the opportunity to follow her religious persuasion during her time in care from the age of eight.

She is now seeking £70,000 in damages from Highland Council.

You don't have to be a genius to figure out what the result of this action will be. Whether she wins or loses, Highland Council, and probably others, will stop placing Catholic children in non-Catholic foster homes — and, for good measure, stop placing Muslim children in non-Muslim households, Protestant children in non-Protestant households, and so on. When no foster homes of the correct religion are available, children will simply be kept in the council's shelters, where they can be kept safely away from pernicious metaphysical disagreement while being exposed to crime and drug abuse. Thank God for that.

She is seeking £50,000 for her suffering, loss of earnings and loss of employability and £20,000 for the alleged breach of her human rights.

Catholics who have been exposed to Protestants are unemployable?

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