Thursday 22 March 2007

To this lifestyle we should aspire?

There's that ad on TV at the moment for some sort of deodorant — I think it might be Nivea — and it's a tad odd.

Here's what happens.

Man walks along beautiful shingle lake shore, picks up pretty white pebble, skips pebble out across the water. Pebble bounces improbable number of times on water, turns into can of deodorant and keeps bouncing, bounces right in through window of house built on far side of lake. Man and woman inside house are just getting up, catch deodorant as it flies in through window, use it on selves. All very nice.

Except cut through the gimicky crap — the pebble turning into a can of deodorant for some reason, the whole rock-skipping business — and, underneath it all, what do you have? What is the bare essence of this advert?

I'll tell you. A couple are getting up one morning and, while they are still semi-naked, a passing stranger hands them their deodorant. They are unperturbed.

Am I the only person who is disturbed by this?

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