Tuesday 6 March 2007

There's no pleasing some people.


The person whose email exchange I blogged a couple of posts back has written with further contributions from his brain.

Subject:   a reply from a clown
Date:   6 March 2007 09:40:44 GMT+00:00

Dear Mr. Reeves,

Thank you for your e-mail, which you seem to have forgotten to remove me from your copy list for ha ha ha.

Yes, I forgot to unsubscribe him from the blog's mailing list, just as I forgot to feed him his breakfast and wipe his arse this morning.

Shame you didn't remove my name and place of work – the fact that I e-mailed you from this and not my personal e-mail address in the first place shows that I am proud that Northern Ireland is British and if anyone has a problem with that come down to my place of work and we can have a chat and a cup of tea over it. In fact, why don't I give you my mobile number and you can call me to arrange this?

I also enjoyed your statement that I was unable to navigate your simple website. Your website is indeed very simple – so simple in fact that the send me an e-mail link did not work, which is why I subscribed to your mailing list and then replied to its welcome message.

OK, I'll grant him credit for that. The link's working now; presumably he hit some sort of server error; but subscribing and replying showed initiative.

Even more amusing ...

What, even more amusing than that?

... is the fact that you thought I was being rude by not writing to you in a polite sentence.

It's true: I thought that he was being rude by not being polite. My mistake.

The fact is I was not expecting a reply anyway – usually that is the case when you try to e-mail some sad idiot on a blogging website who obviously has too much time on his hands and needs to get a social life. I stumbled across your site by accident by typing a phrase in a Loyalist song I was looking for into the search engine called Google.

"a blogging website"? "the search engine called Google"? This has to be a wind-up. He'll be hyphenating "tomorrow" next.

I was amazed to find that you had spent so much time creating a your own website and that you made it very clear on there that you are completely unaware of the constitutional status of the country you live in. Do you also spend your time sending junk e-mail trying to sell Viagra and things like that?

Then finally, came the icing on the cake! You were expecting a tirade from another 'Irish Republican'.

A wise man might have considered the implications of the word "another".

This underlined your stupidity. Why would a Republican e-mail you in the first place about a blog in which you claim Northern Ireland is not British. This is what Republicans believe, that Northern Ireland is not British and they should get 'back to England' as you said.

Irish Republicans should get back to England? This is the one solution to the Troubles that hasn't been tried yet. You know, it just might work.

They would completely agree with your blog! I am a Loyalist from Northern Ireland and live in England at the moment – not an Irish Republican, I think you do need to check the history after all!!!!!

Oh, one more point – Mr. James is indeed a fictional creation – of your very own, as that is not my name! you made it up!

He's got me there. In response to his request, I've edited the post so that it now shows his real name: Simon Todd.

The next time you want to make a basic point about property rights and land ownership have a look at the cover of your passort –UNITED Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland'. This shows Northern Ireland is British and if anyone should get out it should be the Republicans – down to Ireland where they belong.

Not England?

Just so it's simple for you:

Loyalist – wants Northern Ireland to remain within the UK
Republican – wants a United Ireland but won't get it.

So now I know. That's a relief.


More? Of course there's more.

Subject:   ran out of ideas?
Date:   7 March 2007 09:18:14 GMT+00:00

That last blog is not as good as your first one, and again you forgot to remove me, so I can see exactly what you said.

It's a bit sad really, does anyone else read them and actually care?

Sorry, but to your readers, since you posted my comments, it does look like I have a point.
Good job well done.

That's you lot told: you all think I want a united Ireland.

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