Tuesday 28 June 2005

Humanitarianism and bureaucracy.

A couple of people have already pointed this out, but it bears repeating.

The British Government's current stance on Zimbabwean asylum seekers shames us all. They've let in psychos, terrorists, and killers from all over the world. Many Algerian immigrants are rather pissed off that the UK have insisted on letting in the very killers that drove them out of Algeria in the first place. Now, here is one case where we know the claims are genuine, we know the people need our help, and we're sending them back to be slaughtered.

I believe that Tony Blair has done a considerable amount in the cause of freedom, and could be rightly proud of all he's done to combat tyranny — until this week. This one issue cancels all of that out. This is an evil act. I hope he dies.

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