Monday 20 June 2005

Passive smoking.

Much debate all over the place about the new smoking ban.

Other people have already said all that needs to be said about the implications for our freedom (we're losing it) and the quality of a night out (it will improve). You know what really pisses me off, though? All the people who oppose the ban, but also insist that passive smoking is totally harmless. It isn't.

Look. It is correct to say that any specific claims about how dangerous passive smoking is, whether it can kill, how many it kills, are made-up unscientific bollocks based on sod all research, but, unless you either (a) can prove that cigarette smoke is harmless or (b) can demonstrate a mechanism whereby tobacco smoke's dangerousness is switched on or off depending on whether the lung it finds itself inside belongs to the person who smoked the cigarette, your claims are every bit as unscientific. Now sit down and shut up.

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