Wednesday 15 June 2005

I made this.

As promised, here are some photos of my garden. If you don't care for gardens, this blog is really going downhill. If you do, then feel free to celebrate in some way. I built all of this with my own two hands, as if you care, apart from the gravel paths, with which Vic helped.

The view from our kitchen.

Note the large pergola with hanging lanterns. Slight design fault there: a convenient perch for birds directly over the car. It will eventually be covered in a wide variety of climbing plants, though, so its extreme prettiness should make up for that.

The view from the other end.

The stepping stones and the arch, which will one day be covered in ivy and honeysuckle.

And every garden needs one of these. Although we could do with her being a slightly less keen digger.

The one big problem with this garden is that it's much more pleasant to sit in it than to do any of the urgent work that needs done inside the house.

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