Tuesday, 21 December 2004

Acquisition joy.

I just got one of these. I am pleased to report that it is the bee's knees. It may not have a lot of clever functions like an iPod, but — and I can't emphasise this enough — it is only eighteen quid. I spent another thirty quid on a half-gig SD card for it, which still makes it cheap. And, because it takes cards, it is upgradeable.


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Ian said...

To be a bit pedantic, it wont ever be an iPod, and shouldn't compare with one simply because it only has a small percentage of the music capacity, being a solid state player rather than a "jukebox" with a hard disk.

Most of the additional functions of an iPod are to alleviate the headache of trawling through thousands of songs by using a variety of indexing features and playlists.

To be fair, I am not an iPod fan myself, but I happen own one having been given it as a birthday present by my very pro-Apple sister, who I love dearly, and thus sought to try and overcome my revulsion with it rather than stick it straight and unopened on eBay, this included an profound beating with the virtual software baseball bat administered to the monsterous pile of crap that is iTunes.

I didn't tell her I'd actually invested in a dandy piece of software for my Palm Tungsten, costing less than £18 too, which together with the in-built SD Card provide exactly the same functions as your new device without the hassle of transporting round, and risking the loss of, yet another shiney little box.

The Palm MP3 player on is really cool, you can even get a "Star Trek" skin for it.